Riley Taggart
Head of Children’s Services
P3 – The Social Inclusion Charity

My son (Harley -7) started to attend St Andrews youth club two years ago playing football on a Monday night when he noticed a sign outside the club advertising Karate. He immediately wanted to attend and a year later after watching him each week his sister (Darcey -5) followed suit.

I am really happy that they have both chosen to participate because I think Karate offers children different learning and developmental aspects then other sports. For example fitness and agility is developed along with improved concentration levels and key character building skills.

I have seen an increase in my children’s general concentration at home and an improvement in their behaviour and maturity. Both children are always talking about ‘grading’ so Karate always gives them a target to aim for which is important for motivation and it helps them to understand that hard work equals achievement.

Both children take part in organised football and swimming sessions. Harley plays football for professional club Brentford FC, and I find that Karate compliments his football by teaching him different skills and developing general co-ordination which improves his overall physical strength.

The set up at Westminster is excellent everyone is so friendly. As a parent I like Gary’s style of teaching; he can be tough and strict with the children which helps to develop character. Both my children talk positively about Gary after each session and enjoy his unique teaching immensely. As a parent I am sick of seeing schools being soft with children and encouraging them to have a non-competitive attitude. I want both my children to learn how to compete, feel pressure, and you can achieve through consistency and hard work.

I would definitely recommend the Westminster Karate club to any parent looking for an activity of this nature for their children. Children can achieve so much and there is always a new target for them to aspire to. Gary and his staff are excellent with the children.