Sensei Gary Teaching in Norway’s Gasshuku 2013 – Day_01

image(1)As Sensei Gary is one of the guest instructors in Bergen, he is away from the squad and receiving VIP treatment! Jovan has kindly agreed to keep us updated and write the blog.


The first training day started with a bang! JKA_England_Norway-Gasshuku_01Our first session was with our very own Sensei Ohta! The session focused on kumite, distance and foot work. Sensei Ohta talked about how you anchor your back foot to counter with Gyaku-Zuki and your front foot to counter with Mae Geri. It was a great session!

JKA_England_Norway-Gasshuku_05Our second session was with Sensei Larsen and was another great session! We focused on staying relaxed in kumite, trusting your partner to use control and not being afraid to take the hit! Westminster members, Mohammed Salih and Jovan Masalunga,JKA_ENGLAND_SQUAD_02 had to demonstrate with Sensei Larsen and learned to take his hit! Sensei Larsen shared a story about a big hit he took on the nose during a competition and as he laid on the floor the referee stood over him and asked, “Have you not heard of Age-uke?!?”

We have some free time to explore Bergen on the second day of the trip.

JKA_ENGLAND_SQUAD_07Looking forward to the rest of the course.