Sensei Gary Teaching at Norway’s Gasshuku 2013 – Day 04

Everyone enjoyed the farewell party last night. JKA England and JKA Norway owned the dance floor! However, there were some very tired eyes at breakfast!

JKA_England_Norway-Gasshuku_01The last day of the Norway Gasshuku finished with sessions from Sensei Ohta and Sensei Nemoto. Sensei Ohta taught Gojushiho Dai, breaking it down into small sections for us. There were a lot of Karateka rubbing their left thighs from the burn of Nekoashi Dachi. They were amazed at how Sensei Ohta performed the kata so effortlessly.

JKA_England_Norway-Gasshuku_08Sensei Nemoto took us through a series of Kumite drills, getting us to make sure our whole body goes forward when attacking, so all the power is focused towards the target. He also pointed out that full Kime should be used on all techniques but to totally relax between them. Our session finished with Oizuki drills where fancy foot work was required!

Over with Sensei Gary in the Shodan session. I overheard lots of praise and lots of complaints! The complaints were due to their exhaustion after the high tempo and high intensity of his session. They developed their foot work, timing and fitness, but as always Sensei Gary used his humour to push everyone through the session!

JKA_England_Norway-Gasshuku_03After a great course hosted by JKA Norway we were rejoined by Sensei Gary and rushed to the airport where a coffee had his name on it!

JKA_England_Norway-Gasshuku_11Sensei Gary and the squad are safely back on UK soil. I hope you have enjoyed following the blog! I’m sure Sensei Gary will tell you his own experiences when you next train with him or at the course next weekend in Bath!