Sensei Gary in Japan – JKA Honbu in Tokyo – Day 8

Well, tonight is my last night in Tokyo. I’ll be back next year for the World Championships in September 2014.

I left the hotel early this morning and met up with Sensei Ohta and the rest of the English guys, we were joined on this very special occasion by members from Norway, France, Ireland, Scotland, Miss Swiss (so-called by Enoeda Sensei himself), Sensei Anand from India and Sensei Neeraj from Chicago.

We travelled by train to a location that houses Enoeda Sensei’s shrine, Mrs Enoeda was there to greet us.

We all took part in a ceremony that we all felt extremely proud to be a part of.

Just today on its own was worth being here for. The shrine must be one of the places to visit in Japan. It is for me every time I’m here.

Afterwards, Mrs Enoeda treated us all to lunch (the French had to leave so they missed out).

Do you know that kids whizz around on bikes, on the pavements, with rucksacks on their backs and baseball bats sticking out of them! Wouldn’t be long before the kids were battering each other at home.

Time to pack now, I have to work out how I’m going to fit everything into my suitcase and get it to shut. Struggling to get those four geisha girls in!!

Hope to see you all at Crawley. My mate, Sensei Osaka, will be there. Lol He is brilliant though.