Sensei Gary – English Squad – European Championships 2013 – Day 02

Posted: 20 April 2013 22:50

Team England – JKA European Championships 2013

We arrived at the venue a good half-hour before everybody else, so we picked our spot, placed our belongings and started warming up. The competition started on time and it was full on from there.

The boys made it through to the final having performed fast, strong and well timed katas, particularly their kata Empi. They were improving at every stage of the competition and eventually came third. Well done to Jason Fox, Harry Theron and Mohammed Salih.

The girls have moved up from cadet to senior which is a huge jump in terms of who they will challenge. And of course they were more than ready for that challenge. Roisin Campbell just picked up where she left off last year and was in four finals by the end of the day. She was supported by Rachel, Jana, Laura and Sarka.

Roisin won the individual kumite and was second in the individual Kata. In the team kumite, the ladies came 2nd to the host nation. In the team kata, they were edged out to 4th place.

Rachel O’halloran faced Roisin in the final of the individual kumite but due to a sustained injury during the earlier fight, was not allowed to compete. However, a 1-2 in senior kumite is an unbelievable and amazing achievement.

So all in all, a very good Championships for JKA England. Thank you Konstanz for being a great host and for the after party.

Family photo – JKA England Europeans 2013 – Ohta Sensei with team England, Sensei Roy and Sensei Gary (technical committee) and senior grades.

Let the party begin….


Mohammed will have to take it easy for today…

Thanks to all