Sensei Gary Arrives to Tokyo – Japan – Day 1

Posted: 8th of April 2013 15:36 – 22:36 in Tokyo – Japan

I arrived at Narita airport (Tokyo) safely and on time. The plane landed at 11.30h.

I would have had to wait for 6 hours until the coach to Tokyo was leaving so I took the challenge of getting on the trains. 3 changes and 2 1/2 hours later I arrived at the Ryokan, this is a traditional Japanese hotel with Tatami (mattress) on the floor, and sliding wood and paper doors. I collapsed for a few hours, I went to a nice little workman’s cafe (they are the best), I had noodles with Tempura (prawns in batter), spring onions, all put into a bowl of soup. After another couple of hours sleep, I headed to the British bar where I had hot chicken wings washed down with some Japanese kiri beer.

Tomorrow will be my first day of training for 3 hours with the world’s top instructors.

Can’t wait.