Sensei Gary in Japan – JKA Honbu in Tokyo – Day 2

Posted: 9 April 2013 14:58 – 22:58 in Tokyo

I climbed into bed at 11.50pm feeling very tired.  I woke up at 2.30am feeling wide awake and that’s how I remained until 6.30 am.  After a shower, I set off on a 20 minute walk to the dojo and got there 3 hours early! Incidentally, there happened to be a McDonald’s on route which was handy!

The sun was out and the temperature was  around 23 Degrees and as the sun has been a rare sighting in London for at least the past 5 months, I found a corner facing it and thoroughly enjoyed the sun on my face.  However, I still had an hour to spare. At the dojo, I was firstly greeted by Shimizu Sensei, then Nemoto Sensei and the greetings just kept on coming.  ‘Who is taking the lesson?’ I wondered.  It was to be Okuma Sensei, apparently his name means ‘big bear’!!!

We trained in basics, Oi zuki. Sensei was explaining how we can’t be like the falling apple from the tree (Sir Isaac Newton), but of course I already knew that!
What he meant was that from beginning to end, unlike the falling apple, we should be in total control.

 My interpretation of Sensei’s class and his analogy in regards to using the hips is: imagine screwing a screw into a piece of wood. The last turn is how it should feel, where everything becomes secure.  So not just turning the hips but using them effectively (Mae geri), With the importance of the downward pressure of the front leg (Heian Nidan and Kanku sho).  It was a great class.

After training, I met up with some JKA-England students who had just arrived and told them they are training tonight, so I shall be meeting them at the Honbu at 6pm.  Great for jet lag.  Time for a sleep.

I also met Giuseppe, Martin, Glyn and Mike from JKA-England, we trained under the guidance of Okuma Sensei.  Apart from some great basic training we did Jitte.  Sensei Okuma knows I will do this kata for my 6th Dan grading so I felt very privileged.

After class we went with Ohta Sensei to a Chinese restaurant and then to the British bar where we met up with our brothers from Cork Sensei Noel and Sensei Barry, as well as Sensei Anand from India and Sensei Richard from the USA.

 Another great day.