Sensei Gary in Japan – JKA Honbu in Tokyo – Day 6

Posted 13th of April 2013 11:31 – 18:31 (Tokyo-Japan)

Grading day!!!

Getting a bit of the smoke in the shrine gives people good luck!


The grading is over, I have no idea how it went as the Senseis are on the floor above going through the papers and making their decisions. It was worse than I thought, I was the very last name to be called. Everyone except the last four had to do two katas and Bunkai so I was getting really nervous as I thought I would have to do the same but thankfully I just did Jitte.

My table consisted of Sensei Osaka and Sensei Kawawada. Sensei Osaka had some negative things to say about the katas we performed at the end of the grading but he usually does. I think only five of us did Jitte but he wasn’t happy with the 4th movement (kake Uke) as there were a few that didn’t bend their wrists, I know I did. He also wasn’t happy with the first and second movements because the back of the foot was not completely on the floor, some tended to lift their feet at the side. Well! I don’t have sensei’s flexible ankles! Could I fail for that?? Guess I’ll know in an hour or so.

I’m not as confident as I was before but on the whole the kata was ok. It’s out of my hands now. By the way, you don’t have to be able to do kumite to pass a dan grade! As long as your toes are facing the right way in kata you should be OK. There are a few nervous faces sitting around me.

There will be a party after the announcements so I’ll either be dancing on the tables or drinking myself under them! Lol

Two hours have passed and finally the results are in. Kata only again!!

Well, I think I’ll remain a 5th Dan because I’m not putting myself through that again. Obviously kata is not my thing. The party is about to kick off upstairs but I’m not really feeling it. All in all, this is not a very happy blog, but as that bloke off the telly says “I’ve started so I’ll finish”.

Shopping tomorrow and Sensei Enoeda’s memorial on Monday so there will be lots to write home about.