Sensei Gary in Japan – JKA Honbu in Tokyo – Day 5

Posted:12 April 2013 09.55 – 17.55 (in Tokyo)

I actually managed to get some sleep last night, it’s been tough.

Today’s class began at 9am so had a quick coffee on route with a couple of birds.

It was favourite kata class but for the first half hour Sensei Naka took us through some punching and kicking combinations. He explained the use of the hips and, once again, the importance of balance.

Try keeping your back straight, squat all the way down and stand on your tiptoes rather than banging your heels down on the floor. Oh yes! This should be done 10 times with your eyes shut then start adding kicks and punches! It did also serve as a good warm up. We got split into groups, mine being Jitte, and had Imamura Sensei (the master of this kata) guiding us.

Our second class was all kumite drills, I loved it but it is so important you pair up with someone that has a brain!! Enough said.

Tomorrow is a big day for me, I shall be taking my 6th Dan grading exam and I have to say I’m feeling good. I have no injuries and am feeling a little confident! Don’t know if that’s a bad thing but hey, what will be will be!

I’m sure that tomorrow before the grading I’ll be unapproachable, so those birds better watch out!

I would like to wish Sensei Mick Lowe (taking 4th Dan exam), Sensei Giuseppe, Sensei Martin and Sensei Glyn (all taking various ref, instructor and examiner exam) the best of luck.

It is 5.50pm and a bit early to return to my room, perhaps I could go to the British bar!

Then again, that could be fatal!!! Especially if Barry and Noel are popping into the bar too. I think I’ll swerve that one!

I then decided to take a stroll around the Tokyo Dome, will definitely be staying there next time. I have stayed there a few years ago, it is time to spoil myself again. Tokyo is a great place at night, it is so vibrant.

The thing I’ll miss most about being in Japan is being tall! Lol

Keep those fingers crossed for us.