Sensei Gary in Japan – JKA Honbu in Tokyo – Day 3

Posted:10 April 2013 10:17 – 18:17 (in Tokyo)

Japan is 8 hours ahead of London so I was wide awake at 3 am, although I was starting to get rather grumpy (Who? Me?)!  It must be difficult for you all to imagine me being grumpy of course!!!

I met Sensei Ohta at 9 am for a coffee at Starbucks, we had a quick latte then made our way to the dojo.  Training began at 10am sharp, all the Honbu instructors were

spring cleaning the building.  A certain world champion, all Japan Grand Champion was cleaning the toilets, no one is too big here which is very humbling to witness.

Sensei Inakoshi took the class today, lots of basics and then Jion.  Another great class but my feet feel like they’ve been cut into shreds, so I shall not be training tonight.

 Sensei Ohta and I were joined for lunch by Sensei Alan and Sensei Martin from JKA-Scotland. After lunch, Sensei Ohta and I got on a train to Asakusa to do some shopping.

Tomorrow is the first day of the course, it is going to be packed with the top karateka from all over the world, it will be great.  

 Now, it is time for me to jump in the hot tub for a good half hour.